For an idea to get shaped innovations should tremendously reveal what is on the horizon. Where by image is taken from scratch to completion. Kindly we reanimate you to come and testify new sophisticate designs fashioned abreast of the generation changes. For we intend exploding great impression as your graphics solution.


Manifestation of images on paper is currently accomplished by innovated technologies which are able to run mass productions of copies per hour. As per capability experience, it outputs extremely beyond the expected quality and surely meets client’s targets. With these facilities handling of full color, spot color and single color jobs is simple.


Finishing or Post-Press is all about; Stitching, Glueing, Trimming, Packaging and Delivery. Any finished job is treated as confidential. Print order quality number are strictly adhered to and all care are taken to ensure the safety and security of the finished products while waiting for delivery.


Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations, for we intend exploding great impression as your printing solution.

Company Culture

We believe that, if your business succeeds, we succeed. That philosophy is at the center of everything we do. Working around the clock to meet your deadlines. No matter how big the job, we have the technology, expertise and capacity.

Trusted and renowned printing Solution Provider, commited to provide impressive services in the line with the latest technological trends. through the years of constant change in the media, market demand, and growth of technology. Inter Press is able to adapt and grow with the changing environment. we are press with full colour printing facilities capable of handling most printing works.



Competitive prices, uncompromising quality and timely delivery of orders has enabled us to retain our clients, we are confident that we could be among your honest and reliable suppliers.



To become the most efficient, top quality service provider.


Our mission is to provide affordable quality printing services with timely delivery schedules.